The Interfaith Contact Group
The Brighton & Hove Interfaith Contact Group

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About The Interfaith Contact Group

The Brighton & Hove Inter-Faith Contact Group (IFCG) exists as a resource for contact and dialogue between the many faith communities & traditions in the Brighton & Hove area. We work to build peaceful relations, and promote greater understanding between the diverse communities in our City.

2018 – The Angel Year in Brighton
And Angel Day at Brighton Museum

This year the Interfaith Contact Group is celebrating Angels – across all faiths and across all people. Angels have been around for ages and are important across many faiths. It seems so right that in a City of peace and diversity we should celebrate harmony, and the harmony that comes with Angels, and better still have an Angel for Brighton & Hove.

We start our Angel Celebrations with Angel Day in Brighton Museum, in Royal Pavilion Gardens BN1 1EE, from 10 am on Saturday, February 10th 2018. A wonderful programme of activities and events includes a superb print-making workshop, a drawing and painting workshop, an angel making workshop and music workshops. There will be angel poetry and storytelling sessions and an opportunity to meet and hear from Cosmo Sarson, creator of the great Angel Mural in Regent Street. There will be beautiful music as well.

This is a special day, dedicated both to our City and its Angels and we warmly invite you to join us, and meet up with a host of angel ideas, and pick up your Competition leaflet, or go to our Angel Competition page on this website, which will be going live on February 10th. The Angel Competition is an invitation from the IFCG to everyone to create an Angel for our City.

IFCG Contact Details

Brighton & Hove Interfaith Contact Group
c/o 26 Chester Terrace, Brighton BN1 6GB

IFCG Chair – Debbie Gaston

IFCG Secretary – Anthea Ballam