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Angels Competition

Welcome to our Angels in the City Competition

Angels have been part of our lives for thousands of years. The earliest records of angels appeared over 3,000 years.

The Interfaith Contact Group would like you to create an angel that represents the spirit of Brighton and Hove, and to do this we are running a competition open to four different age groups. Many of our competitors will have the opportunity to exhibit or perform at several venues and events. We also hope to produce a book featuring all the most exciting entries.

There are many features that make our City special, like our position by the sea, our art and architecture, and the diversity of our people. You may also draw inspiration from statues, art and stained-glass windows, or you may choose to be completely original. It’s up to you.

Brighton and Hove is extremely proud of its diversity and harmony — we are full of people of all ages, ethnicities, beliefs and backgrounds and we have a large LGBT community as well.  Above all, the IFCG would like entrants to take into consideration the things that make our City special, so that the Angel you create in design or write about could only represent Brighton and Hove.

Now, please go ahead and fill in the electronic form. The Competition will be launched on Saturday, February 10th, 2018, and will close on Saturday September 1st. The winners will be announced on Monday, October 15th 2018. The judges will be a team drawn from the ‘great and the good’ of Brighton and Hove — designers, writers and public figures with a genuine love for our City.

The Angel of Brighton and Hove – In Words and Images

You can compete with words or images. Designs, drawings or paintings must be sent as an A4 sized image, in a PDF or JPEG format. It is important that you specify your age, because we will be judging four age groups — 10 years and under, 11 to 16, 17 to 25 and 26 or older. Written entries can be in poetry or prose and should be sent in Word, and can be up to 250 words long. Each competitor is allowed up to three entries.

Winners will receive a cheque for £50, and will be presented with their Angel Award at a special ceremony. There will be one winner in each age group, but we are hoping to exhibit many of the competition entries in a number of exhibition venues throughout the City over the coming months. We also plan to publish a book, with as many of the best entries as possible; once you have entered you will be giving the IFCG permission to put your written or designed work in for exhibition in public, or for use in our planned angel book.

And a word of advice… if you get your entry in early, you stand a better chance to have your work featured publically, so please get going as soon as you can. Thank you so much for competing and if you feel like making a donation to the IFCG, or becoming a member while you visit this website… thank you again… and the best of luck.

Your entry

The Angel of Brighton in Images

Please send us a PDF of your drawing, painting or sculpture in A4 size. Please make sure that the image does not exceed 2 Megabytes. The work you send us must be carried out by you.

The Angel of Brighton in Words

Please send us a Word file of a poem or piece of prose in a Word File, up to 250 words in length. The work you send us must be carried out by you. Please make sure that the file does not exceed 2 Megabytes