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The Interfaith Choir

Every year the IFCG holds an annual service, and some years ago a choir was created for the purpose of supporting this inspirational event. Since then it has gone on to sing to audiences and congregations throughout Sussex.

The choir practises at least once a fortnight, sometimes more frequently before a special event, such as a concert or sacred service. The music is unique, mixing many cultures and styles, and generating a rich and harmonious sound;  there is no need to have any previous singing experience, just come along and sing with our enthusiastic and friendly group and have fun.

The cost of a term is £5 per session, but no member would ever be excluded for not being able to pay. The choice of rehearsal space varies, we sing in many places of worship, that reflect the beauty and diversity of our choir, who come from all faiths and none.

Choir Rehearsal Dates

This term most Interfaith Choir rehearsals begin at 6.30 and finish at 8pm, and will be held on a Monday, unless otherwise stated.

Our first rehearsal was on Monday January 16th at the Friends Meeting House:
others are scheduled for the following dates:

January 30th at the Unitarian Church at 6.30
February 13th at the Unitarian Church at 6.30
February 27th at Hove Methodist Church, Portland Road at 6.30

Our next public performances will be on March 4th at Hove Methodist Church. This fundraising concert will include a rehearsal beforehand, and after this the choir will be appearing again at the Annual General Meeting of the Interfaith Contact Group at Friends Meeting House on Sunday 12th March at 3pm.

If you would like more information about rehearsals or would like to join the choir, please contact the Secretary of the Interfaith Contact Group on the following number: 07730 561 700 or 01273 503211