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About The Interfaith Contact Group

The Brighton & Hove Inter-Faith Contact Group (IFCG) exists as a resource for contact and dialogue between many faith communities and traditions in the Brighton and Hove area. We work together to build peaceful relations, and promote greater understanding between people of different faiths, and none, and their communities in our City.

In November we usually hold a lively Annual Interfaith Service. In 2020, because of the pandemic it was not possible, so we invited some of our supporters to contribute to a film featuring messages, stories, prayers, music and poems produced from self-made films. These contributions were then edited by the film-maker Sarah West. Amongst those to appear in our film were The Mayor of Brighton & Hove, Cllr Alan Robins, Caroline Lucas MP and Emily Jeffery of BBC Radio Sussex. We hope you enjoy the film. It was made for you… The theme is ‘connection’..

The Covid 19 crisis has profoundly affected so many of us. Many faith groups have responded heroically even though the doors of their places of worship were closed during lockdown. Thanks to so many good, kind and diverse groups, many people across the City have been fed and nurtured, and the IFCG has sought to bring comfort with the weekly publication of prayers, poems and readings — Words of Connection.

All this and the growing awareness of the importance of spirit has been included in an inspired and compassionate documentary film entitled Light in the Lockdown, produced by the IFCG and created by the gifted ethical film-maker Sarah West of West Creative. We invite you to enjoy this film, and also share it as widely as possible with others. Thank you.

During 2019 and into 2020 the IFCG and the City celebrated with a programme of activities dedicated to the theme of The Tree of Life. The latest film shows some of our events, and our annual Interfaith Service, which is always held in November, at the end of Interfaith Week. It was made by West Creative.

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Brighton & Hove Interfaith Contact Group

IFCG Chair –  Rev Anthea Ballam

IFCG Secretary – Charlotte Gravestock

IFCG Membership Secretary – David Selo