Celebrating the Spirit of Sacred Summer and Light

June 16, 2021

Living near the sea, it’s impossible not to be affected by the resonance of summer, the very special light of the season and its sheer beauty… in the sky and on the water. Bearing this in mind we have a selection of prayers and readings that reflect the spirit of summer in all its glory. […]


Silence and Inspiration in Summer

June 4, 2021

It’s time to celebrate the arrival of summer, even if we are still experiencing some days of wet and rain.  In the moment of celebration, we don’t need much encouragement lie back grab the sounds of the season — the buzz of bees, the song of birds, the wind in the trees… and silence. Silence […]


The Challenges of Life and the Weather

May 25, 2021

As we begin to see the possibility of a normal life returning, we find ourselves confronting some of the most inclement and disappointing weather yet seen in spring. Here on the South Coast the forecast has been about relentless rain, and bearing this in mind, Words of Connection is all about various kinds of miserable […]


Journeys in Time and Space – With Prayer

May 5, 2021

Since we started to send out Words of Connection last year, I have acquired an extraordinary collection of prayer books. Some of them seem a bit dreary, some weird, some traditional and some inspirational. Leaving out the dreary ones… it seemed like a great idea to delve into them, and discover five unusual prayers. The […]


Skipping out of the Gloom to Offer Cheerful Thanks

April 22, 2021

Are the days of darkness on the way out? We won’t know for a while. Apparently pandemics rarely last more than two years, so we may be over the worst. Meanwhile many of us have already started to celebrate; maybe the sunshine has affected us all, along with the loosening of the rules… so it […]


Joy and Colour: The Inescapable Splendour of Spring

April 7, 2021

This time of year is a flawless reminder of the reappearance of new life. It’s not just the powerful message of Easter, it’s the power of spring in all its forms. This week’s Words of Connection features two contributions. The first is by Rilke and was sent when we looked at the theme of patience, […]


Quite Suddenly Our Life Journey Changed Direction

March 24, 2021

A year ago we were swept up on an unexpected tide of events, a series of changes that made us think differently about our lives, our homes and our world. Many of us grieved deeply, and many became more spiritually focused. Our life journeys switched direction, and we had to go with the flow. Last […]


A Year Later… We See The Beauty

March 17, 2021

A year after the pandemic, and a year after we launched Words of Connection we can still see the beauty around us, despite the pain of lockdown. Spring is returning, leaving the cold, dark and wet of the winter months behind. Even if we can’t be together, there is an element of sharing, knowing that […]


Cosmic Kinship in Prayer and Poetry

March 10, 2021

We have all seen the image of the earth from space, ever since it was first photographed by the Apollo 8 astronauts just over 50 years ago. Today the image of the blue marble has become enshrined in our minds and out hearts. For those of us that are spiritual, it’s an image to cherish […]


Landscapes of Kindness – in Words and Images

March 3, 2021

A couple of weeks ago I was attending a Zoomed Quaker meeting, when one of the ‘friends’ spoke up about the great kindness she had experienced recently. It wasn’t just the kindness she had come across in the queue for the doctor’s surgery, but all the people she had met that day — on the […]