Sacred and Gentle Words of Comfort that Speak to us at the Deepest Level

August 19, 2020

From the moment we are born we long to hear words of gentle comfort and kindness. As we move into adulthood we still enjoy hearing and reading words of kindness, because they speak to us at the deepest level. Bearing this in mind, this week we open with the most famous and beloved reading in […]


Experiencing the Power of Gratitude: In Sound and Gesture

August 12, 2020

Two weeks have passed since we released Light in the Lockdown, and the response and appreciation has been overwhelming. One of the most beautiful tokens of appreciation came from Emily Jeffery’s BBC Sunday Morning programme – Breakfast on BBC Radio Sussex. If you didn’t hear it, we have included a link to Emily’s gentle and […]


Favourite Prayers In Different Forms, for You

August 5, 2020

More often than not our favourite prayers are those we know best. We say them to ourselves in hours of need or anxiety and they give us something even more potent than comfort. It’s as if the power of these words comes from the collective unconscious, and knowing them, and saying them frequently strengthens them […]


The Magic and Power of Words that Reveal Light

July 29, 2020

It is said that poetry and prayer are closely connected, and these readings reflect this idea. Our opening reading was a prayer written during lockdown; it is dedicated to those that confront conflict. It was featured at the end of our documentary film, Light in the Lockdown. Staying with the theme of light, this week […]


A Moment of Encouragement, Peace and Prayer

July 22, 2020

We are still in need a little optimism, and so we open our latest Words of Connection with a delightful offering from the Irish poet Derek Mahon. It is so apt for the moment, although it was written around 10 years ago. We follow this with a traditional Irish blessing, reminding us of the poetic […]


The Moment, the Miracle and the Mystery

July 14, 2020

Today’s Words of Connection are an intriguing mix, and yet they all have something in common… they remind us how very special is our country, our world and the mystery of the human spirit and the Divine. Our contributions today were written 5 months ago, 1,000 years ago,  2,500 years ago and 800 years ago, […]


Confronting COVID-19 together – in music, words and film

July 8, 2020

The pandemic seems to have taught us so much about the importance of supporting each other, even if we still can’t get close to each other. Spiritual connection has become more and more important. And so, we open the latest Words of Connection with a heartwarming music film from Ali Youssefi entitled One Tree with words by […]


Gratitude is Powerful: Here are two powerful readings

July 1, 2020

Gratitude is powerful. Some of the greatest prayers, hymns and poems are just giving thanks in the words of many faiths. At a time of frustration, it may be the moment to enjoy the pleasure of giving thanks. It’s accepted that the receiver of gratitude feels happier for the token of appreciation, but the one […]


From Lewes, Ireland, The East and The West… Visionary Poetry and Prayers

June 24, 2020

Spiritual harmony is to be found everywhere. This week’s Words of Connection opens with a superb short poem from the gifted poet Grace Nichols. Grace lives in Lewes and wrote this compassionate poem only last month. It comes from the website Write Where we are Now –   which we have used as a source of inspiration on […]


Time to Connect with Blessings, Challenges and Reflections

June 17, 2020

Words of Connection opens this week with a deeply spiritual blessing by José Argüelles. A recent suggestion that Words of Connection need not avoid challenging contributions is acknowledged with two exceptional poems. The first is a tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement, and our BME community. It was written by the great Maya Angelou – […]