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Welcome to the Words of Connection blog

Words of Connection blog

The pandemic has brought pain as well as mixed emotions; spiritual comfort is essential at these times. With this in mind the IFCG is building a collection of prayers, poems and readings suitable for those of faith and none. The words have been created at this tender moment, and also taken from other sources that may seem relevant.

The first reading on our blog is a prayer written by Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah, and this beautiful prayer has already been used in our community. Jef Jones, the Lay preacher of Brighton Unitarian Church recited it when he closed his service streamed on Sunday 22nd March.

It is followed by the widely published prayer entitled Lockdown by Brother Richard Hendrick, plus another from the secretary of the IFCG – Charlotte Gravestock. The final is a quite different poetic rendering entitled Do Not be Afraid, by Stephanie Christopher.





Please use all contributions to this page in any way you wish. We have more to follow in the days to come. May peace and health be with you.