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Words of Connection 25 days After Lockdown

April 16, 2020

This week we are featuring a range of readings, and we are also suggesting a video for you to consider. The readings include a poem by Jessica Salfia, an English teacher and writer from West Virginia. It is composed from the first lines of commercial emails received while she is in quarantine. It reveals the zealous nature of corporate opportunism at this sad moment in time. We have also included some modern and ancient spiritual content as well – a poem about the human spirit in the pandemic, two quotations from Rumi, and a Baha’i prayer.

Jessica Salfia

In these uncertain times
As we navigate the new normal,
Are you willing to share your ideas and solutions?
As you know many people are struggling.

I know you are up against it:
The digital landscape.
We share your concerns.
As you know, many people are struggling.

We hope this note finds you and your family safe
We’ve never seen anything like this before.
Here are 25 Distance Learning Tips!
As you know, many people are struggling.

Feeling Fiesta today? Happy Taco Tuesday!
Calories don’t count during a pandemic.
Grocers report flour shortages as more people are baking than ever!
As you know, many people are struggling.

Count your blessings. Share your blessings.
Get free Curb-side pickup or ship to your house!
Chicken! Lemon! Artichokes!
As you know, many people struggling.

How are you inspiring greatness today?
We have a cure for your cabin fever.

Stephanie Christopher

They closed the doors
And we waited
Theatres went silent,
Shopping malls went blank
Streets emptied,
The skies were clear
We locked ourselves away,
Honouring the courageous
The witnesses to life and death

We followed instructions
And closed the doors
We did isolation
And then, in separation
We came together

In separation
We talked together
Laughed over the fence
We came together

Throw up walls
We climb them…
Imprison us…
And we break free
For the mind of man
And matter
Are no match for spirit


Are you searching for your soul?
Then come out of your prison
Leave the stream and join the river
That flows into the ocean
Absorbed in this world
You’ve made it your burden
Rise above this world
There is another vision…

There is a loneliness more precious than life.
There is a freedom more precious than the world.
Infinitely more precious than life
and the world…is that moment when one is alone with God




O Thou compassionate Lord, Thou Who art generous and able! We are servants of Thine sheltered beneath Thy providence. Cast Thy glance of favor upon us. Give light to our eyes, hearing to our ears, and understanding and love to our hearts. Render our souls joyous and happy through Thy glad tidings. O Lord! Point out to us the pathway of Thy kingdom and resuscitate all of us through the breaths of the Holy Spirit. Bestow upon us life everlasting and confer upon us never-ending honor. Unify mankind and illumine the world of humanity. May we all follow Thy pathway, long for Thy good pleasure and seek the mysteries of Thy kingdom. O God! Unite us and connect our hearts with Thy indissoluble bond. Verily, Thou art the Giver, Thou art the Kind One and Thou art the Almighty.