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Intention and Loving Invocations

February 3, 2021

Intention, blessings and invocations lie at the heart of this week’s Words of Connection…

Sometimes it seems that praying for ourselves might seem selfish at a time of great suffering. Yet invoking a caring spirit is a natural and intimate way to address the Divine. Opening one’s heart and offering a loving request makes one feel both loving and loved. Spiritual experience connects us to all things, and is a two-way understanding, which is why an invocation can be a powerful and compassionate way to express ones feelings.

We open this week with an inspirational blessing given at the last full Council Meeting by Lyn Baylis, one of the foremost pagans in our City. Lyn’s blessing is followed by a universal invocation for the 21st Century. After this we have an extract from a hymn/invocation from the Atharva Veda XIX,15. It’s a call for courage without aggression, ending with the words “Let all the world be my friend!” We close with a beautiful entreaty by the great Russian writer and philosopher —Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Love all Creation – taken from his novel The Brothers Karamazov.

Our link this week is simply about joy. It was suggested by Meg Culshaw; it’s an interpretation of the Hallelujah Chorus, very much of the moment. It comes from the Caixa Foundation, as they reveal their wonderful vocal skills in the Basilica de Santa del Mar in Barcelona. Thank you Meg.

Please take care of yourself, and find the time to rest and enjoy the spiritual gifts of peace. Once more thank you for your beautiful contributions and ideas.

Very best wishes,

Chair IFCG



At this time of year when the earth is quickening, and new life is just showing. It is considered by most to be the hard time of year. Early lambs often die of cold. Early crops are frozen in the ground, but the days are noticeably lengthening and they bring a strengthening sun.  It is a time when we light our candles to shatter the darkness of the season, and to bring new light, fresh beginnings to our lives.  In the fields and gardens snowdrops are just beginning to show, to us these are the first signs of Spring, the promise of growth and renewal, symbols of an awakening land and a  sign of hope, hope that the worst is now over and that all will be well.

We live in a difficult time, when the Corona Virus is a concern for all and the future is a little uncertain, but there is hope and we believe that hope is the gift we should take into our hearts and hold tightly.


We ask that that our minds may be open and also our hearts, so that in all consultations we will be aware of the people who have no voice: the needy and the vulnerable, the old and the infirm, and being aware of them we will remember to view them with love and compassion in all discussions.

We ask to be given strength, love, guidance and the wisdom to make every decision, the best possible decision, for all concerned.
We ask blessings from Air that we may have clarity in communication with one another.
We ask for blessings from Fire that our actions and deeds be honourable and trustworthy.
We ask for blessings from Water that we may have empathy and compassion for each other.
We ask for blessings from Earth that we be ever mindful of our footprint upon this planet and in all the work we do.

May we remember that this land, this earth upon which we live is a fragile place, and in every decision the needs of the planet should also be considered. This land is not ours to do with as we wish, and we hold it as a sacred trust for our children, our grandchildren, and their children.
May all manifestations of your work here be a fitting offering to your beliefs, principals, values, those who you hold in your heart, and the community you serve.
I ask Blessings from the source for each and every one here.
When your work is done and you return home once more
May the warm rays of the sun shine upon you
And the rain be ever gentle to you
May the light of love shine on you, and on those for whom you care,
May there always be a hand to take yours when you reach out
And may you be blessed with peace and understanding throughout your life.
So may it be.



Let us call aloud
For you to bring-on the music
The melody of birdsong
Spun by angel spirits

And we ask
That the breeze of nature blows
Greening the land
Reclaiming the oceans

We summon your powers
So that the creatures of the seas
The beings of the air
The life-forms of the earth
Live in harmony once more

We beg that love triumphs
Hostile conflict passes away
The diseases of the moment depart
So that our planet
May dance to the music of life

May this place
Our earth
Its air
Its fire
Its water
Its beings
And its angels
Be restored
Through your power
Great spirit and angel of love



May the atmosphere we breathe
breathe fearlessness into us:
fearlessness on earth
and fearlessness in heaven!

May fearlessness guard us
behind and before!
May fearlessness surround us
above and below!

May we be without fear
of friend and foe!

May we be without fear
by night and by day!

Let all the world be my friend!


Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821 -1881)

Love all Creation
The whole of it and every grain of sand
Love every leaf
Every ray of God’s light
Love the animals
Love the plants
Love everything
If you love everything
You will perceive
The divine mystery in things
And once you have perceived it
You will begin to comprehend it ceaselessly
More and more every day
And you will at last come to love the whole world
With an abiding universal love